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Watershed Protection Branch

4220 International Parkway, Suite 101
Atlanta, GA  30354
Phone: 404.675.6232  Fax: 404.675.6247

James A. (Jac) Capp, Branch Chief

  • Gail Cowie, Watershed Manager: Chattahoochee/Flint/Ochlockonee River Basins
  • Becky Champion, Watershed Manager: Coosa/Tallapoosa/Tennessee River Basins
  • Kevin Farrell, Watershed Manager: Oconee/Ocmulgee/Altamaha/Satilla/Suwanee River Basins
  • Jeff Larson, Watershed Manager: Savannah/Ogeechee/St.Marys River Basins

                      Hydrological Analysis Unit


Phone: 404.656.5660  Fax: 404.651.9590
Nap Caldwell, Manager

Ted Jackson, Program Manager

  • Compliance & Enforcement Unit
    Charles M. Williams, Unit Manager
  • Financial & Records Unit
    (Vacant), Fee Coordinator
  • Source Water Assessment and Protection Unit
    Don Shellenberger, Unit Manager
    • Core Drill Unit
      Steve Walker
    • UIC Permits
      Bijan Rahbar
  • Tracking and Reporting Unit
    (Vacant), Unit Manager
  • Engineering and Permitting Unit
    Kirk Chase, Unit Manager

Issue permits to operate public water systems.

Review and approve water conservation and cross-connection control plans from public water systems.

Approve plans and specifications, engineering reports, design development reports, and business plans for the construction of new public water systems (including source, treatment, storage and distribution system), and approve the expansion or modification of existing public water systems.

Review, rank and approve projects (including environmental review) for funding under the Drinking Water State Revolving Fund (DWSRF).

Inspect public water systems to ensure that the water plant, distribution system and water storage facilities are properly operated and maintained.

Provide technical assistance to operators and administrators of public water systems.

Enforce the state and federal Surface Water Treatment and Disinfection Byproducts rules.

Issue boil water advisories.

Establish sampling schedule and track sampling results to ensure public water system compliance with the Safe Drinking Water Act.

Enforce state and federal drinking water regulations concerning microbiological, chemical, and radiological contaminants in public water systems, along with lead and copper and the Consumer Confidence Report.

Inspect and certify public water systems.

Provide technical assistance to operators and administrators of public water systems.

Issue boil water advisories.

Perform public water system vulnerability assessments.

Prepare Wellhead Protection Plans for water supply systems of Georgia's cities, counties, and authorities.

Implement Georgia's source water assessment and protection program.

Collect drinking water fees.

Obtain GPA coordinates of EPD facilities for development of GIS databases.

Collect samples annually from Georgia's groundwater monitoring network.

Publish annual reports on groundwater quality in Georgia.

Prepare and update wellhead protection plans, and review applications for new community wells.

Map the geology of recharge areas of major aquifers in Georgia.

Sale of geologic and other Georgia maps and publications.

Chair EPD's Groundwater Protection Coordinating Committee.

Enforce Underground Injection Control (UIC) rules and permit UIC wells.

License water well drillers, certify pump installers and enforce the Water Well Standards Act.

Enforce the Oil and Gas and Deep Drilling Act, and permit oil, gas, and deep wells.

Certify environmentally sensitive property sites and qualified consultants.

Review environmental planning criteria ordinances for mountain and river corridor and ground water protection for DCA.

Advise Georgia Department of Human Resources on permit applications for non-domestic septic systems.

Advise Georgia Department of Agriculture on applications for the sale of bottled spring water in Georgia.

Review reports of and advise on characteristics of proposed rock quarry sites.

Conduct investigations for sources of pollution of community wells and aquifers supplying community wells.

Prepare reports of and provide testimony regarding source sites that contaminate or threaten public water supplies.

Develop GIS databases for EPD-regulated facilities and natural resources.

Maintain and operate drilling rigs and one crew to drill exploratory borings and construct groundwater monitoring wells.

Maintain and operate geophysical logging equipment.

Maintain a soil/rock core and cuttings repository.

Publish annual mining summaries and update lists of publications.

Publish reports and maps of special purpose studies.

Phone: 404.675.6233 Fax: 404.675.6246
(Vacant), Program Manager
  • Construction Management Unit 1
    Ken Bryan, Unit Manager
  • Construction Management Unit 2
    Tom Roos, Unit Manager
  • Flood Plain Management/Risk Map

           Collis Brown, Unit Manager

  • Safe Dams

           Tom Woosley, Unit Manager


Provide technical support to the Georgia Environmental Facilities Authority (GEFA) in the administration of the State Revolving Loan Program (SRF) and other GEFA loan programs.

Conduct construction inspections, process change orders, pay requests and other construction management duties for SRF and GEFA funded projects.


  • Floodplain Management Unit/Risk Map
  • Phone: 404.675.1757, Fax: 404.362.2757

Collis Brown, Unit Manager


Assist local governments in understanding, implementing and maintaining compliance with criteria of the National Flood Insurance Program and provide flood maps and flood hazard data.

Manage the development of updated DFIRMs under the FEMA Risk Map Program.

  • Safe Dams Unit

           Phone: 404.362.2678 Fax: 404.362.2598

           Tom Woosley, Unit Manager

Inventory all existing and proposed dams over 25 feet tall or with a 100 acre-feet of storage at the top of the dam.

Reinventory existing low hazard (Category II) dams at least every five years.

Classify dams based on development within the dam failure flood zone downstream.

Approve plans and specifications for construction and repair of all high hazard (Category I) dams.

Continuously monitor Category I dams for safety.


Phone: 404.675.6240  Fax: 404.675.6245
Larry Hedges, Program Manager
  • Erosion and Sedimentation Unit
    Jan Sammons, Unit Manager
  • Outreach Unit
    Harold Harbert, Unit Manager
  • Grants Unit
    Chris Faulkner, Unit Manager
  • Storm Water Unit
    Frances Carpenter, Unit Manager

Manage a statewide soil erosion and sedimentation control program.

Review local erosion and sedimentation control ordinances, and delegate authority to local governments for their erosion and sedimentation control programs.

Issue stream buffer variances.

Implement municipal, construction and industrial storm water permitting programs through NPDES permits.

Issue Clean Water Act Section 401 Water Quality Certifications.

Administer the Clean Water Act Section 319(h) Federal grant program for nonpoint source pollution abatement projects.

Coordinate Project WET (Water Education For Teachers).

Coordinate Georgia Adopt-A-Stream Program.

Coordinate Rivers Alive.

Phone: 404.362.2680  Fax: 404.362.2691
Jane Hendricks, Program Manager
  • Industrial Permitting Unit
    Bill Noell, Unit Manager
  • Municipal Compliance Unit
    Marzieh Shahbazaz, Unit Manager
  • Industrial Pretreatment & CAFO Compliance Unit
    Ted Hendrickx, Acting Unit Manager
  • Municipal Permitting Unit
    Gigi Steele, Unit Manager

Issue NPDES and Land Application System Permits to municipal, industrial, federal and privately owned water pollution control plants.

Issue Industrial Pretreatment Permits.

Issue permits for the land disposal of septage.

Issue permits for animal (non-swine) feeding operations.

Inspect, sample, and evaluate  water pollution control plant operations and permittee self-monitoring program.

Review engineering reports and technical documents for municipal and industrial facilities.

Monitor and enforce all permit compliance.

Review, approve and inspect/audit local industrial pretreatment programs.

Review sewer use ordinances.

Respond to citizen complaints regarding water quality problems.

Evaluate sewer connection requests (A-95) and Adequacy of Treatment Certification.

Register commercial waste (fats, oils & grease) haulers.


Phone: 404.675.6236  Fax: 404.675.6244

Nap Caldwell, Manager
Ted Jackson, Program Manager

  • Non-Farm Ground Water Unit
    Bill Frechette, Unit Manager
  • Non-Farm Surface Water Unit
    Ade Oke, Unit Manager
  • Farm Permitting Unit
    Cliff Lewis, Unit Manager

Review and recommend to the EPD Director permit actions for farm and non-farm surface water and ground water withdrawal applications.

Develop short-term and long-term water management conservation policies and strategies to address environmental problems induced by unsustainable use of Georgia's water resources.

Conduct Farm Water Auction and assure compliance with permitted farm water withdrawal permits.


Phone: 404.675.6236  Fax: 404.675.6244
Elizabeth Booth, Program Manager

  • Facilities Monitoring Unit

Mike Phipps, Unit Manager

  • North GA Ambient Monitoring Unit

Jeremy Smith, Unit Manager

  • South GA Ambient Monitoring Unit

Glen Behrend, Unit Manager

  • Water Quality Modeling Unit

Andy Kao, Unit Manager

  • TMDL Modeling and Development Unit

Debbie Siemon, Unit Manager

  • Data Assessment & Management Unit

           Angela Westin, Unit Manager

  • Hydrological Analysis Unit

           Phone: 404.463.1425 Fax: 404.657.5002

           Wei Zeng, Unit Manager

  • Wetlands Management Unit

           Jennifer Welte, Unit Manager

Collects wastewater samples of facility discharges for laboratory testing of samples.

Conduct biological, chemical and fish tissue monitoring of Georgia in streams, rivers, lakes and estuaries for use in developing wasteload allocations and determining compliance with water quality standards.

Conducts water quality modeling for the development for wasteload allocations.  

Compiles and maintains data for statewide water quality monitoring and NPDES/Land Application permits for municipal, industrial, federal and privately owned water pollution control plants.

Develops and maintains geographical information on facilities and streams to support the Watershed Planning and Monitoring Program.

Evaluates and updates the Rules and Regulations for Water Quality Control, Chapter 391-3-6.

Provides mathematical modeling, analyses, and other technical support in the development of basin-wide water resources development and conservation plans and the  support of Georgia's negotiators for the ACT/ACF (Alabama-Coosa-Tallapoosa / Apalachacola-Chattahoochee-Flint) river basins as a part of a comprehensive study between Alabama, Florida, Georgia and the US Corps of Engineers.

Develops, water quality and surface water availability resource assessments for each river basin in Georgia.






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