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Storm Water General Permits


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The 2012 NPDES General Permit No. GAR050000 for Storm Water Discharges Associated with Industrial Activity (2012 IGP) was issued April 16, 2012. This is the replacement permit for the 2006 IGP (GAR000000) which expired on July 31, 2011. The new general permit became effective on June 1, 2012.

Existing permitttees that had coverage under the 2006 IGP (GAR000000) will have until July 1, 2012 to submit a 2012 Notice of Intent (2012 NOI, Version 2012 only) to obtain coverage under the new permit.

New facilities and/or facilities that are seeking new coverage under the 2012 IGP must submit an NOI 7 days before commencing discharge.

MS4 Contact List

Facilities covered under the IGP that discharge to a Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) are required to send a copy of their Notice of Intent (NOI) NOI to the MS4.  Please refer to the MS4 Stormwater Contact List below to determine the county where your facility is located.


Permittee Lists for NPDES Industrial Storm Water 2012 IGP

This is a list of the facilities that either have coverage under (Notice of Intent, NOI) or exemption from (No Exposure Exclusion, NEE) the 2012 IGP. Whether they have an NOI or NEE is indicated in the column entitled “NOI Type”:


Forms (with Instructions)

The 2012 forms (Notice of Intent, No Exposure Exclusion, Notice of Termination and Annual Report Form) are available for download in MS Word format.  These MS Word files also include instructions to assist permittees in completing the forms.  Older versions of these forms will not be accepted.

Frequently Asked Questions

Based upon permittee feedback, GA EPD developed the Frequently Asked Questions documents to assist permittees in understanding the new IGP requirements.


Tools to Determine Impaired Waters from Georgia's Most Recent 305(b)/303(d) List

The 2012 IGP GAR050000 requires permitted facilities to determine if they discharge into, or within one linear mile, upstream of, and in the same watershed as, any portion of an impaired water.

Impaired Waters are those waterbodies where the EVALUATION is listed as NOT SUPPORTING on Georgia’s 305(b)/303(d) List of Waters.

Below are some tools to assist permittees in making this determination.




SIC Code Reference Materials

If your facility has a primary Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) code listed in Appendix D of the 2012 IGP and discharges storm water associated with industrial activity, then the facility must file a Notice of Intent (NOI) for coverage under the 2012 IGP or a No Exposure Exclusion (NEE) for exemption from it. For more information about SIC codes please refer to .


Previous Permit Information

*Note* This is the previous permit that was replaced by the 2012 IGP on June 1, 2012.


Public Access to Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPPs)

Updated 4/10/2014





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